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Free Pregnancy Tests

Like most other pregnancy support centers, Silent Voices will provide – at no charge – one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests available to anyone who comes to our office for an appointment. Providing a free pregnancy test is often the first step in building a relationship with the women we serve.

Counseling and Support

Silent Voices provides peer counseling and support to pregnant women seeking help with an unplanned or “crisis” pregnancy. When facing an unplanned or “crisis” pregnancy, our clients are often confused about how they feel and what they want. They often feel pressured by others to have an abortion and feel helpless without their support. We provide answers to their questions, as well as a loving support system throughout their pregnancies.

“For the first time I feel like someone cares. I wish someone had been there for me when I got pregnant the first time – I wouldn’t have had an abortion.”
– Quote from a client

All of our services are confidential – we respect every client’s need for privacy.

Should our clients choose abortion, they know where they can get help if they need to talk about their abortion experience and/or how they feel. They know we care about them – no matter what choice they make.

Pregnancy And Abortion Education

Silent Voices can provide factual information and education about issues related to sex, pregnancy, and abortion (i.e. fetal development, abortion procedures, the possible risks and complications of abortion, abortion and the Bible, abortion alternatives, etc.). Our resources include literature and videos with the most current information available about abortion, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Our clients determine what – if any – information/education they receive.

Parenting Classes

We have an extensive list of classes for in-person and online support for moms and dads. Choose from Pregnancy, Parenting, Coparenting, Life Skills, Love Lessons, Positive Partnerships, Special Circumstances, and Fatherhood Lessons. Group classes are also available in English and Spanish. Find out more about what free services we have to offer on our Real Choices Chula Vista website.

Post Abortion Healing & Recovery

Women who choose to have an abortion offer suffer in silence for the rest of their lives, rarely revealing what they’ve done because they fear judgement and rejection by the people in their lives. They may also struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt and shame, and turn to drugs and/or alcohol in order to cope. We offer a weekend “retreat” for women who are seeking healing and restoration for a past abortion. These weekends are life changing!

“When I had my abortion I thought, ‘I can walk away from this – I can hide this whole situation, and go on with my life.’ But I couldn’t go on with my life – in fact, after my abortion, life wasn’t worth living as far as I was concerned. After the support group, though, all of that changed. I was able to face my feelings and deal with my unresolved anger. I was able to let people get close to me – to let down the barriers I’d erected to protect myself. It was revolutionary!”
– Quote from a client.

Natural Family Planning (The Billings Ovulation Method)

Sharon is a certified Billings Ovulation Method instructor and is passionate about helping women/couples discover the beauty of their own bodies. NFP is completely safe – and as effective as any other form of birth control on the market. Classes are scheduled with individuals/couples as needed. A $30 fee covers two classes, the first set of charting materials and a notebook, as well as her help for as long as she is needed!