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Looking for Something “Natural?”

More and more of us are seeking “natural” solutions – and relying less on toxic chemicals for things like cosmetics, cleaning products and food. Shouldn’t we take the same care with our birth control choices? The GOOD news is that there IS a good option that is 100% natural – it’s called “Natural Family Planning.”

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a way to plan your family by knowing the signs of fertility, and using that information to time sexual intercourse.

By using NFP, couples learn to:

Recognize the times during a woman’s fertility cycle when pregnancy is possible
Plan sexual relations depending on whether or not they want to have a baby at a particular time in their lives.

What are the benefits of NFP?

NFP is 100% safe and has no unpleasant side effects! There are no drugs, devices, chemicals or surgeries to alter your reproductive system that could possibly cause unwanted and dangerous side effects.

NFP is inexpensive – for a small fee from a qualified teacher, NFP users are equipped with a method that can be used successfully during regular or irregular cycles, after childbirth, during breastfeeding and during peri-menopause. There’s nothing to buy every month!

How Does NFP Work?

NFP is based on a woman’s pattern of fertility. She learns to observe and record her own natural symptoms of fertility as the time of ovulation approaches. She also learns to recognize when she is no longer fertile in each cycle.

Simply put: When a couple recognizes when they are fertile they know what to do if they want to have a baby and what not to do if they need to postpone pregnancy.

Is NFP Reliable and Effective?

YES! NFP is used as effectively as artificial methods to postpone pregnancy, and is even more effective than most methods. The Johns Hopkins Institute called NFP the best method of birth control, saying it is 99% effective (as effective as oral contraceptives) and 100% safe.

Having a qualified instructor is the key to success with NFP, especially in the first few months of keeping a record. While there are books on the market that teach NFP, having someone right there walking you through the process is much more effective in really understanding the method.

How Can NFP Affect My Relationship?

  • Couples sharing a stable relationship may find that NFP can lead to:
  • Better Cooperation – Both partners participate in NFP – both understand the signs and symptoms of fertility. Since fertility awareness is a daily practice, couples may enjoy a more understanding and cooperative relationship.
  • Increased Communication – NFP encourages couples to learn other ways of expressing their love for one another, in addition to sexual intercourse.
  • NFP keeps the romance alive!
  • Deeper Friendship – Couples who approach NFP positively may deepen their relationship. The increased communication and respect that result can contribute to a richer, more fulfilling relationship.

Silent Voices has a Billings Ovulation Method Certified Instructor – if you’re interested, call us for more information (619-422-0757)!

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